Our main goal is to welcome guests and make sure they find food for the body and the soul. When they leave, we wish them to take along the energy and harmony of this place. We adapt to our guests requests in order to assure them a pleasant stay.

The values we stand for and that guide our workare honesty, an open mind, good team coordination and patience. Lastly but not lastly, be believe in a good sense of humour and we quote from “An ancient prayer”: “Give me a mind that is not bound, that does not whimper, whine or sigh. Don't let me worry overmuch about the fussy thing called "I". Give me a sense of humour, Lord; give me the grace to see a joke, To get some happiness from life and pass it on to other folk.” Thomas H. B. Webb

The team

We are a stable team, made up of a few members who actively participated in the growth and development of the Castle over the years. The number is not always the same (but this does not matter!), because people take different roads in life, some leave, some come, and especially in the summer, young pupils and students help us immensely.


The manager of the place, used her creativity and open heart to design both the place and the team.She graduated the secondary health school and got a master degree at the International Commerce and Tourism faculty. She got involved in all the developing stages of the castle, starting with its rebuilding and redecorating, to choosing the best recipes for the menu, welcoming and serving the guests. By doing so, she managed to understand and appreciate both the guests and her employees’ requests,views and opinions.

She started taking on different courses, the latest one on confectionery.
Foreign languages spoken: Italian, English, French (medium level).
Her hobbies include gardening and poetry reading. She is determined to find beauty in everything.


Carlo, investor and manager, with Italian origins, is always stressing the importance of good quality. His former activity was commerce, so he uses that experience to its best when looking for the freshest ingredients for the restaurant, checking out local producers as well as international ones.

His belief is that the best ingredients give the taste of the food, even if cooked in the simplest way. His passions include hunting and dogs.


Maria takes care of the branding and the Facebook page, and through her photographs keeps the spirit of the castle alive, no matter the season.Most importantly she inspires and helps Luminita throughout the creative process.

Foreign languages spoken: English, Italian, French (medium level).
Hobbies: photography, travels, poetry, literature.


Bogdan, one of the newest additions of the team, is always ready to give a hand wherever needed. As a student, he works on holidays at the front office, but also takes care of the technical problems and enjoys being a bartender.


Codruta is an essential member of the team. She graduated the college of tourism at the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca. She has been with us since 2001 and brought great value through her work. She mainly deals with the front office, but is glad to help the other departments when needed.

Foreign languages spoken: French, Italian, English, Spanish.


Armela, when not busy attending the guests,enjoys preparing floral arrangements for the special events. She graduated from Public Administrations school which helps her deal with our guests needs. She works here starting 2008 and enjoys organising special events.

Foreign languages spoken: English, Hungarian.


Anisoara, a very kind person, came here in 2009 and was willing to learn. She started from the basic things and learned her way around becoming a waiter, still to this day being attentive to new suggestions. She seems to have been made for this kind of work, because she does it with great joy and this can be sensed. What is most amazing is that, although she doesn’t speak any foreign language, she manages to communicate and keep our guests happy.


Ramona, arrives here in 2013 straight from high school, and brings a youthful attitude along. She is a well organised and efficient person,friendly and ready to give a hand.


Tanti, everybody calls her so, although her name is Camelia. She joined our team in 2001 in a different position but showed great adaptability for preparing the dishes in the menu, so she took on a cooking course.


Mirela obtained a culinary degree following her high school graduation. She works here from the beginning, in 2000, with a maternity leave in 2004. She conveys her serenity and calmness to the meals she prepares.


Dorina joined our team in 2004 and she’s been here ever since here "for better and for worse". She tries to do her best in her field and help her colleagues as well.

Throughout the years, we collaborated with many more other people, on all our departments and we want to thank them for taking part of this team and improving it. We have new members in our team and hope they will find this a place to their liking. We await other people as well, from high school or with experience, as what’s important is an honest heart, a will to learn and a pleasure to help.