Celebrations with your loved ones

Celebrations with your loved ones

If you ever thought of surprising a loved one with lunch or dinner, look no more- we are the perfect location. This kind of events are among our favourites to organise and we cannot wait to be staging such surprises. Do not hesitate to contact us and share your ideas.

Private events held in the villa’s garden

Do you wish to have a little bit of space, only for you and your friends? You can bookthe garden for yourself and your friends for an entire day.

We will offer a buffet of various courses spread throughout the entire day.
- Kinds of beverages to choose from
- Accommodation with breakfast included, both at Castelul Maria and Casa Maria (a total of 8 rooms

Team building at Casa Maria

A peaceful location is an ideal place to improve a team’s relationships and goals.We offer such a space at Casa Maria, with 7 rooms, a dining room, a 3000 metres garden, an orchard anda lovely terrace.

The secret of a successful meeting

It is a known fact that a comfortable location is one of the keys in achieving the goals of a meeting. So why not choose Castelul Maria for this purpose. We provide a comfortable and relaxing place, your guests will feel at ease and you won’t have to search for a different food caterer.

The price of 20-25Euros/person includes the meeting room for a party of at least 8 persons, a 2 main courses, desert, coffee and non-alcoholic beverages, all between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.