The red suite

"It feels so good to lay easily into the day.
To sing slowly, to not hear
How grasses grow, to bite into living as if it were an apple
To walk the sleek road besides the wet trees
And to dream with your palm lost in fairy tales and hair."
Stefan Baciu


It is as if these hard stone walls rose from fairy tales, and still so many reside in between them. A pleasant coolness surrounds you in the summer, but when it is terribly cold outside, there is nothing more pleasant than cuddling in the living rooms’ warmth. You open the windows and the sun’s rays enter and colour the room, your hand can nearly touch the old pine tree, you hear the crickets into the night – each and every thing has a story to tell.

Next time you’ll bring the children along. They'll enjoy listening to all the stories. The living room can be transformed into a cosy space for them. Separately, the bedroom's large bed and elegant old fashioned furniture can welcome you. Here, you can make memories for the whole family or just yourself, you can "sing slowly, not hear the grasses grow".

General information


  • situated at the ground floor, near the garden
  • the warmest during wintertime
  • extensible sofa in the living room
  • the coolest during summertime
  • thick stone walls
  • bathtub
  • TV
  • window shutters to the bedroom
  • big bed 180/200
  • recommended for families with children


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"A place where you want to return"

The location, the decor - both indoors and outdoors, the peaceful atmosphere and the garden with places where you could withdraw, all this are making Castle Maria a place where you want to return. The staff is very nice, helpful and ready to fulfill all your requests.

Andreea (Romania) | 13.08.2015 | Booking

"A piece of nature and wonderful people"

It is indeed a place of escape when you are tired of living in the city. A piece of nature and wonderful people always make you feel good.

Razvan M. Marinca (Romania) | 20.08.2014 | Facebook

"Interesting architecture and a beautiful garden"

Interesting architecture and a beautiful garden. A place with huge potential!

Liviu (Romania) | 15.08.2013 | Booking