The beige suite

"I am a live human.
Nothing that is human is strange to me.
I barely have the time to wonder that I exist,
But I always take joy in the fact that I am."
Nichita Stanescu


One can almost hear laughters, whispers, a wintertime fairy tale, a September rain, a midsummer’s night dream, all gathered in this room. The living room is designed having these moments in mind.And when everyone gets tired of them, the big wrought iron beds and the window shutters from the bedroom welcome you to rest. The next day, a hot shower gives you the energy for a bright new start.

General information


  • garden view
  • bright living room
  • study desk
  • TV
  • extensible sofa, coffee table
  • table for lunch/dinner
  • window shutters in the bedroom
  • twin beds out of wrought iron


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"I can not wait to get back"

Everything was nice, the people, the place, the behavior. I can not wait to get back in the spring, to sit in the garden and orchard.

Rusnacus (Romania) | 19.01.2015 | Booking

"Superb location, very well-groomed"

An old mansion furnished in Italian style. Superb location, very well-groomed, with welcoming people. A suitable destination for a quiet stay.

Triana (Romania) | 08.10.2014 | Booking

"A wonderful location"

A wonderful location with a magnificent garden. The villa is beautifully renovated and placed carefully in the tourist landscape. The staff is very friendly and the food is exceptional!

Vasile (Romania) | 10.09.2013 | Booking