The restaurant

Welcome to the world of tasty foods and meals cooked with the soul!

Our menu is a combination of traditional and modern food, of Romanian and Italian cuisine, of creative and classical recipes.One can find here traditional pastry, alongside Italian bruschette, local broths, stews, but also colourful vegetarian dishes, vegan or gluten free ones. But please allow our cooks to take their time and prepare the best meals for you and order in advance.Some of the recipes only take 20 to be ready, but others take more time.

The main dining room

The fireplace helps creating a cosy atmosphere during wintertime, while the large windows brighten the room during summertime.One can enjoy a romantic dinner, but also share it with a group of friends and family, or a special event, like a wedding or a baptism. For Christmas and Easter we bring the traditions alive with food and local events.

The upstairs dining room

It is a perfect place for a small group of friends to enjoydinner, coffee, to admire the view and savour some homemade cake.

The terrace and the garden

During spring and summertime, the terrace and the garden allow you to enjoy the nature’s beauty while having lunch or dinner. Breakfast can also be served outside, the only thing required is your patience.

You can find us calling 0254260000- we won’t predict your future, though- but you’ll have the lunch and dinner you’re dreaming of. Choose from our menu and give us time to make your wishes come true.

We organise weddings, baptisms, engagement parties, business meetings.

Feel free to come even if only for a quick snack, the menus start from 20 Ron/person.